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Welcome to the Sqaishey Quack Wiki, the fan-made website on the popular yellow duck!

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Welcome to the Sqaishey Quack Wiki

This wiki is all about Kye Bates, also known in the internet as Sqaishey Quack, a YouTuber with over a million subscribers, where everyone, including you, can edit! This wiki has currently over 38 articles and 848 edits since October 2014.

Please note that Sqaishey does not visit nor do they have any involvement in this Wiki.

Who is Sqaishey?

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Kye Garrett, also known on the internet as Sqaishey Quack or simply Sqaishey, is a gamer, voice actor and online personality who makes Let's Play videos, especially in the popular sandbox game Minecraft, that is appropriate for all ages. Their frequent collaboration with their now husband, Stampylongnose, has propelled Sqaishey into popularity, now having a strong fanbase of their own, and their namesake main channel now having over 1 million subscribers and over 400 million views. They are also the proud owner of the Quacktopia Minecraft server.

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The old Quacktopia server is now closed. The fun continues on the new server! (The IP is quacktopia.com)

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